Online fire training tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare industry

Healthcare Fire Training

E learning is one of the most cost effective ways to undertake staff fire safety training, especially for Healthcare organisations, who continually struggle to deal with the higher level of mandatory training their staff have to undertake.

Online Fire Safety Training proves high quality fire safety training at low cost via the internet. This course is designed to meet the specific requirements and increased level of training and understanding needed for people dealing with fire safety in the healthcare industry.

Using both Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM) and the UK Core Skills framework, Online Fire Safety Training has developed a course to ensure our healthcare fire training meets the criteria set out in these standards.  

Our online fire safety training allows the training to be completed when time permits and removes the need to take people away from productive tasks.

An average time to complete our e-learning courses is approximately 30-45 minutes. All the e-learning is divided into modules.  Training is assessed via in course testing and a pass marks are required to complete the courses. Should a delegate fail, they can repeat the course until they understand and can meet the pass mark.

As all the courses are online they benefit from constant updates to ensure the content remains accurate to any changing legislation.

All our training includes a management system to keep track of who has completed the course. It stores all certificates and keeps a running history of when each person was trained and when they are next due to be trained again. You can see in an instant; who has started, how far they are through the course and who has completed it. The system keeps track of when each person completes training and stores a digital certificate of completion for your records.

Who will benefit from this course?

As all employees must complete basic fire awareness training, our online training is suitable for all healthcare staff with limited fire safety responsibilities. Fire Wardens, first responders etc. would require further training. This course is designed for general clinical and non-clinical staff.

What you will learn

The Aims of this training will be:


‘To provide students with an understanding of their local emergency procedures and increase their understanding of the overall evacuation procedures within the healthcare sector’


By the end of this session students will be able to:

List the three key actions to take on discovering a fire

Identify the correct action to take on hearing the fire alarm

Describe what progressive horizontal evacuation is and how it is used in the healthcare sector.

Define the different roles of staff in an emergency

Course content

This fire awareness training will cover the following topics:

Section 1 – legislation and healthcare guidance documents (HTM)

Section 2 – the basics of fire

Section 3 – the dangers of smoke

Section 4 – the fire classes

Section 5 – fire extinguishers

Section 6 – fire action procedures

Section 7 – fire prevention

Section 8 – the test

Duration as long as needed, approx. 30 minutes usually, cost £7.50+VAT per user, no minimum purchase required. We also offer discounts to larger volume users, email us now using the contact us form to see how much you could save by bulk buying your online fire safety training.

How to buy

Setting up your account is simple, we need some basic company information; company name, address, contact name and telephone number and then we can set up your account access. The account normally takes around 24 hours to process and become active ready to use.

You have several options to pay

Invoice - after the account is set up we will invoice you for the total fee which is payable within 14 days of the date of invoice.

Via credit card - we accept credit card payments via PayPal’s Virtual Terminal. This incurs a handling fee of 20p +4.2% per transaction.

Monthly - instead of paying up-front in a lump sum we can bill you monthly for the amount of courses you have used. Please ask for more information if you are interested in this service.