Our company's background and who we are

About Us

Online fire safety training Ltd has been providing fire safety e-learning since 2009 and was the vision of Stephen McGrill. Whilst providing in person training to companies across the south, he noticed some companies experienced difficulties getting their staff in one place to complete their training in person.

A more flexible blended learning approach was needed. This could allow companies to provide e-learning to their general staff whilst concentrating their in-person training on their fire managers and more specialised roles.  

Stephen is an experienced fire safety consultant with years of experience in fire safety training and consultancy across a range of industries including:

  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Prison
  • Leisure and retail
  • Healthcare

More recently Sean Barker joined the company as a Director to develop the vision further and broaden the range of services to include Health & Safety e-learning. Sean has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fire safety consultancy and training along with an in-depth knowledge of General Health & Safety.

Along with our team of web designers and programmers Online Fire safety Training has developed a simple to use online e-learning platform to allow businesses to carry out their basic training needs over the internet, saving them valuable time and money and allowing blended learning to focus in-person training on the staff that really need it.

More recently our newly developed website and training platform has allowed us to expand our range of fire safety e-learning to include industry specific training and fire warden training amongst others. We have also taken the step to branch out and have added some new Health & Safety e-learning, and as the demand grows, more new e-learning courses will be added.