Free to download fire safety paperwork templates and information

Fire Safety Paperwork

All the information and documentation on this page is completely free to download and use by anyone needing it.

To access some of the files you will need a password, to get the password all you need to do is email us using the contact us form and we will send you the password.

You will then have access to all the fire safety documentation you need, from risk assessment forms and policy documents, to fire safety folders and training forms.

If you have any fire safety related questions you need answers to you can contact us using our contact us form and we will be more than happy to help, we also post frequently asked questions which may help on our FAQ’s page.

Fire safety paperwork templates

1. Fire safety risk assessment template NEW UPDATED VERSION

2. Fire safety policy and emergency plan template

3. Emergency evacuation notice template

4. Five steps to a fire risk assessment

5. Fire safety log book template NEW UPDATED VERSION

6. Visitors log book

7. Record of significant findings template (simple)

8. Record of significant findings template (expert)

9. DSEAR risk assessment NEW

10. DSEAR register NEW

11. Fire alarm occurrence log book NEW

These templates are read only PDF versions, if you would like any of these documents in Word format to use please contact us. A small fee will apply depending on how many documents you require.

Government fire safety guides

The government has produced booklets to help understand and carry out the new fire safety laws relevant to your own business type. Click the link below to download a free copy of the guide.

1. Offices and Shops

2. Factories and Warehouses

3. Sleeping Accommodation

4. Residential Care Premises

5. Educational Premises

6. Small and Medium Places of Assembly

7. Large Places of Assembly

8. Theatres and Cinemas

9. Open Air Events and Venues

10. Healthcare premises

11. Transport Premises and Facilities